English Teaching in China


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If you've got an article relating to English language teaching in China, you are welcome to submit it to ETiC for consideration. The best way to submit contributions is by emailing it to etic@xjtlu.edu.cn. Below are two downloadable documents outlining the things to bear in mind when submitting contributions to ETiC.

In addition, certain issues often arise when considering articles for inclusion in ETiC. Therefore, before submitting an article to ETiC it is worth considering the following points:

Professionalism – Any article submitted to ETiC should not be a first draft. Spend some time getting it is as good as you can possibly make it before submitting it. Then you will have more chance of getting it though the peer review and copy-editing processes quickly, rather than being drawn out into multiple revisions and rewrites, which is unpleasant for us and for you!

Formatting and referencing – As with the previous point, the more polished an article is when ETiC receives it, the quicker it will get through the review and editing stages. Therefore, try and follow the ETiC Style Guide when formatting your article, and adhere closely to the APA Manual (6th Ed.) when setting out your references.

Style of writing - ETiC is neither a formal academic journal, nor a newspaper. Therefore, while a slightly personal and personable writing style is fine, an overly informal or ‘jokey’ style is not appropriate.